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We are highly focused on business services and that will lead positively to the future web with Lawyasa. We are highly focused on business services and that will lead positively to the future web with Lawyasa.


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Sole Proprietorship

A sole proprietorship is a type of business structure in India where an individual owns and operates the business. In this form of business organization, the owner is personally responsible for all the liabilities of the business and there is no distinction between the owner and the business entity. This means that the owner's personal assets are at risk in case of any financial or legal liability of the business. The sole proprietorship is the simplest form of business structure and is often preferred by small businesses or individual entrepreneurs who do not wish to involve other people in their business.

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Partnership Firm Registration

Partnerships in India are relatively easy to form and are popular among small and medium-sized businesses. However, partnerships are not considered a separate legal entity, which means that the partners' personal assets can be used to satisfy the partnership's debts and obligations.

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LLP Registration

Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) is a popular business structure in India that offers the benefits of limited liability protection and the flexibility of a partnership. The concept of LLP was introduced in India by the Limited Liability Partnership Act, 2008.

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Private Limited Company Registration

Incorporating a private limited company in India is a crucial step for any business owner looking to establish their presence in the market. LAWYASA provides comprehensive services for the incorporation of a private limited company in India. With Lawyasa, a company may be registered online in India. The most popular form of a legal entity, favored by millions of Indian entrepreneurs and well-known firms like Paytm, Zomato, and Reliance, are a private limited company. Online registration for a private limited business takes fewer than ten days. ​​

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Society Registration

According to the Societies Registration Act of 1860, a society is an association of persons who come together for a specific purpose, such as the promotion of literature, science, art, religion, charity, or any other useful purpose. The Act defines a society as "an association of persons united for a common purpose" and provides for the registration of such societies. Societies can be formed by any group of people who wish to work together towards a common goal.

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Trust Registration

In India, a trust is a legal entity created by the founder or settlor, who entrusts the property or assets to the trustees to manage for the benefit of the beneficiaries. The trustees act as custodians of the trust property and carry out the objectives of the trust. Trusts are governed by the Indian Trusts Act of 1882. Trust in India can be used for a variety of purposes such as charitable activities, religious or educational purposes, or as a means of managing assets and property. The settler of the trust can choose the objectives of the trust and the beneficiaries who will benefit from the trust.

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One Person Company

A One-Person Company (OPC) is a type of company that can be incorporated in India with just one member or shareholder. The concept of OPC was introduced in India through the Companies Act, 2013, to encourage entrepreneurship and promote self-employment among individuals who may not have partners to start a business. Under an OPC, a single person can be the sole director and shareholder of the company. The liability of the shareholder is limited to the extent of the unpaid amount of share capital subscribed by him/her. This means that the personal assets of the shareholder are protected in case of any losses or debts incurred by the company. The Companies Act, 2013, provides for the formation of OPCs under Section 2(62) read with Rule 3 of the Companies (Incorporation) Rules, 2014. As per the rules, only a natural person who is an Indian citizen and resident in India can form an OPC. Also, a person cannot incorporate more than one OPC or become a nominee in more than one such company.

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Section 8 Company Registration

A section 8 company, also known as a not-for-profit company, is a company registered under Section 8 of the Companies Act, 2013. Such companies are formed with the primary objective of promoting charitable or non-profit objectives such as education, religion, art, science, sports, research, social welfare, and the like. Unlike other companies, a Section 8 company cannot distribute dividends to its members. Instead, any income or profit generated by the company must be used for the promotion of its objectives. To register a Section 8 company, certain requirements must be met, such as having a minimum of two shareholders and directors. The company's Memorandum of Association and Articles of Association must also contain specific clauses related to the company's non-profit objectives and its restrictions on the distribution of profits. Section 8 companies are eligible for various tax exemptions and benefits under the Income Tax Act, and they are subject to regulatory oversight by the Ministry of Corporate Affairs.

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“Lawyasa exceeded my expectations. They were extremely thorough in their analysis of my legal issue and provided me with clear and concise guidance. Their team was always available to answer my questions and provide updates.”

Paresh Garg,
Co founder, United Force Healthcare Pvt Ltd.

Brilliant Legal Team Safeguards Space Group's Operations Efficiently

The legal advice & paperwork the team gives is brilliant & they have helped us to remain protective on a lot of our company work here at Space Group. I highly recommend this legal team & that they are super fast at drafting & vetting documents with sound knowledge of the legal compliances.

Shivam gupta

Shivam gupta

CEO, Space India

Awesome Insights for De-risking Small Business Contracts

Matisha and her team are simply awesome. Her insights helped me identify risks and aspects of my business that I was missing. Extremely customer focussed and an absolute asset for small business owners looking to de-risk their legal contracts.

Mithun Raj

Mithun Raj

Founder, Sales Panther

Excellent Law Firm for Pvt Ltd Company Incorporation!

I had a fantastic experience with the team while incorporating my Pvt Ltd company. Team Lawyasa is highly knowledgeable, efficient, and provided exceptional guidance throughout the entire process. I highly recommend their services for anyone seeking a seamless company incorporation.

Brijesh Kumar

Brijesh Kumar

Co founder, WhiteChalk